No matter your shape, size,
or state of health,
your body is sacred space.

Yoga for Essential Body Acceptance

It’s about accepting your body, but

it’s so much more than that. 

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Your body is the way you interact in all of your relationships. Whatever you choose to do in life, your body is how you do it. When you can accept and take loving care of your body, it provides a foundation that supports all your hopes and dreams.

I spent a lot of years obsessing about my weight and about food. Like A LOT of years; over half my life. I don’t do any of that anymore, and I have more time, more energy, and more LOVE in my life. 

When we stop obsessing about weight and food, it doesn’t mean we throw health and nutrition out the window. It just means measuring health in more authentic ways, and shifting away from an attitude of “nutritionism” (an ideology that judges food solely on its nutrients). For me, it meant shifting my search for guidance from outside myself to inside myself, and it meant getting really, really honest.

The more I learn about the inner workings of the human body, the closer I feel to God.

Our amazing bodies are sacred intersections between the physical world and the spiritual world. I believe we should treat ourselves, and each other, as such.

Your body IS divine wisdom, and when you hear and trust your body’s guidance, you always end up in the right place.

From our first appearance as a single cell, through the development of our tiny bodies in the womb, and through our lifetimes, the wisdom of our bodies is ever present.  The practices of yoga can help you connect to your body’s innate wisdom throughout all five koshas or layers of being.   

I believe you can peel away the layers of you that are not really you, but thoughts and beliefs you’ve picked up along the way that tell you that you’re not enough.

I believe you can heal from diet culture and get WAY more out of life. 

Yoga Therapy provides tools far beyond traditional asana (the poses) that support living comfortably in your body just as it is now, approaching your feelings in a conscious way, and identifying un-useful thought patterns.

If You Are

Recovering from an addiction or an eating disorder

Inhabiting a changing body (pregnancy, menopause)

Feeling like your body has betrayed you

Living with pain (emotional or physical)

Living with the effects of trauma

Recovering from or managing a chronic illness

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