I served snacks at my workshop today and got great feedback on these little treats! Several people have asked for the recipe, so here it is. You know how I roll in the kitchen, so this recipe is simple, delicious, whole, and wholesome. Make, share, and eat them with love!

What you need:

½ cup soft, pitted dates (make sure they are good and sticky)
½ cup raw almonds
¼ cup unsweetened cocoa powder + more for dusting
1 T matcha green tea powder + more for dusting
1 T unsweetened almond milk

What you do:

    1. Add dates and almonds to a food processor.
    2. Pprocess until they come together into a sticky ball. This takes more than the 35 seconds I wanted to give it. Turn on the food processor, let it do its thing. Trust the process.
    3. Break up the ball and bit with a wooden spoon.
    4. Add cocoa powder, matcha powder and almond milk.
    5. Process until all ingredients have been combined and form a large sticky ball again. Again give it enough time to do its thing.
    6. Roll into 10-12 small balls.
    7. Dust some with matcha powered, some with cocoa.

You can store these in refrigerator for up to 2 weeks or longer in freezer. I have a feeling that won’t be around that long. 🙂