Did you know that your body speaks a powerful language? It’s true.

Everything we need to know, we can learn from listening to the language of the body. All symptoms and sensations are messages from our Inner Knowing. You know those “gut feelings” that you have, those times when you say, “I don’t know how I know, I just know”? That’s communication from your Inner Knowing.

When you’re consciously in touch with your Inner Knowing, you can ensure that your decisions and behavior truly align with your beliefs. This is the foundation of creating our most fulfilling and purposeful life.

Paying attention to the feelings and sensations present in your body are a direct path to the Inner Knowing. And it can be quite simple. Try this:

  1. Sit comfortably, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and just notice how your body is feeling. Is your neck tense or sore? What about your hips? What about your belly? Your back? Where are you feeling the most?
  2. Give the area that’s feeling the most a voice and let it use words to tell you how it feels.
    For example, if you’re feeling soreness in the neck, you may ask, “Hey, neck, what’s going on?” and your neck might tell you, “I’m feeling overworked.”
  3. When your body has answered, simply hear and receive the results without analysis or judgement.
    Thank your body for its honest message. Chances are, the answer from your body part that was feeling the most matches your mental or emotional state.
  4. Consciously decide what you might need to change or adjust as a result of this exercise.
    It might be something small, like raising the level of your computer monitor, or it might be something bigger, like scheduling a massage and some time off. It may be something even bigger.

We often think of pain and discomfort as something to “get rid of,” forgetting that it’s an important message from the body. It can be useful to ask questions like, What might the message of this thing be? What does my body want me to change, adjust, or learn? Instead of striving to just eradicate the discomfort, we can learn to interpret the discomfort, using it as an opportunity for deeper understanding and transformation.

For the next few days, pay attention to how your body’s feeling and see how your sensations steer you.

If you find you need some help or want to go to a deeper level, call me. My job is to help you hear and learn the language of your body so you can find your own answers.