ba7789b9-818c-4b38-9a34-7a8b8e508457In the fall of 2013, I left Fort Worth, Texas to live in the Philadelphia suburbs. What brought me here was a relationship built on Love, Trust, Support, and Kindness. What I left behind was the only home I’d ever known, made up of family, friends, stability, and personal history.

It’s been hard in ways I never expected, and it’s been transformative in ways I never expected. And here’s what I think: I think important places never leave you, even if you leave the place. “Home” is made of people you Love, places that feel familiar (even if they aren’t), and feelings of warmth and security. And that can happen in way more than one place in your life, even at the same time.

For me, Home means running into people you know at the grocery store. It means having a favorite restaurant where they know me. It means feeling like Me, wherever I am. Home is Connection.

8b33451e-7805-4428-81a1-a13ae41c175dWhat means Home for you? Is it the people around you? The way the air smells after a spring rain? The soft silence of winter’s first snow? Seeing the kids walking to school in the fall? Whatever it is, I encourage you to name it and express gratitude for it. And know those feelings will never leave you.