What if we start to think of our Sane Healthy Intuitive Eating voice as the voice of Love? What if we start to listen intently for that voice, rather than give in to the chatter of our rigid Food Rules? Imagine how gentle and easy each meal would be.

On my way to work Saturday morning, I stopped at Dunkin Donuts for coffee, as I often do. This day was a little different though, because as I ordered my medium coffee at the drive-through speaker, there was a photo of a gigantic pumpkin spice donut right in front of my face. So when the nice lady said, “Anything else,” I said, “YES! ONE PUMPKIN SPICE DONUT PLEASE!!”

For some reason, she wasn’t as excited as I was, but she said OK and I pulled up to the window.

I paid with my handy DD app and took my tiny paper bag filled with one fancy donut and my medium coffee and couldn’t have been happier.

What happened next was complicated.

In the past, one of my ED Food Rules was, “Never eat in a moving car.” It’s a daily practice to notice when my ED Food Rules rise up, gently break them, and eventually eliminate them from the way I operate. But eating in the car honestly doesn’t come up very much, so the old rule kicked in immediately as “the way it is.”

At first I thought I’d eat in the parking lot at the yoga studio before I went in. That reminded me of yet another old ED Food Rule, “Don’t eat in front of people.” That one DOES come up quite often. I’ve gotten pretty good at breaking that old rule, so the thought set off an alarm. I decided to save it for lunchtime.

As I further considered saving the donut until later so I could eat it in front of people, my Sane Healthy Intuitive Eater voice kicked in and said, “That’s cool and all, but hey, it’s OK to eat this beautiful donut NOW! It smells really good, you want it, and you’ll really enjoy it.” And it wasn’t to avoid eating in front of people, it was because I was ready to eat it!

So y’all, I ate that pumpkin spice donut in the car. With the windows down on a cool fallish morning, the Doobie Brothers’ Black Water blaring from the radio. And it was a wonderfully enjoyable experience. I did indeed eat that donut with great love.

Do you have old Food Rules that you are conscious of breaking, now that your Sane Healthy Intuitive Eater voice is being trusted? How are you able to #eatwithlove now? I’d love to hear from you.