Here in the Philadelphia area, we are basking in an amazing state of celebration after the Eagles won their first Super Bowl. I’m usually pretty neutral about football, even being from Texas where football is practically a religion. And yes, I was a huge Dallas Cowboys fan back in the days of Three-peat Super Bowls. But these Philadelphia Eagles have won my heart. I feel very inspired by this team and their story. And I’m inspired by their die-hard, life-long fans that never gave up on them.

For me, Nick Foles in particular has an especially inspiring story. He was the backup quarterback that stepped up when he was needed. He almost gave up the game a couple of years ago, but after some deep reflection, decided to stay with it. And with renewed clarity and focus, he helped take his team all the way to winning the Super Bowl. I heard him say in an interview that what he’s really learned over the last couple of months is that he just needed to play the game. When he focused on doing what he does best, amazing things happened, regardless of anyone else’s opinion or prediction. And isn’t that all any of us need to do? Just play our game?

Is there something in your life that needs reassessment? Where could you use some clarity? The thing is, your body already knows the answer. You’re already equipped with a divine guidance system. When you learn to hear and trust it, EVERYTHING changes.

Breath work (or Pranayama) is a way to increase your connection to your inner knowing. By paying attention to even one conscious breath, you build a bridge between your body and your mind.

Try this:
1. Find an easy, comfortable seat.
2. Close your eyes if it feels comfortable and safe. Or cast your gaze slightly downward.
3. As you become aware of your breath, just notice it.

That’s it. Just notice your breath happening. After a few cycles, open your eyes, and just see how you feel.

You can use this practice any time you need to slow down, calm down, get a grip, or get grounded. Each time you practice, it will strengthen your ability to notice how your body is feeling. And your body will tell you when something is right for you or not.