I was talking to a friend recently about the concept of “self-care.” Self-care has become quite a buzzword recently. It’s become a huge, nebulous word, that can mean so much that it means nothing in particular, like “wellness.” I’ll encourage you to experiment with shifting your thoughts around “self-care” to “self-VALUE.”  

Valuing yourself becomes very specific, and very enlightening. When you practice self-value, it becomes meaningful at every level of Being. Self-value becomes outward behavior that supports you all the way to your Center. When you value yourself, the way you operate in the world changes.
Here are some simple examples:
Valuing your body: eating with connection to your hunger, fullness, and preferences.
Valuing your time: establishing a strong boundary to schedule buffer time in your day, so as to avoid rushing around and shortchanging yourself.
Valuing your energy: giving yourself an extra 15 minutes of sleep, by either going to bed earlier or getting up later.

  • How can you practice self-value in your daily routine? What would that feel like to you?
  • What might change for you as a result of operating from a place of valuing yourself; your body, your time, and your energy?
  • Would others around you actually benefit from your practices of self-value? How?

I want to know how your story changes as a result of your practice of self-value! And I look forward to seeing you soon!