Enough Already

5 weeks of Foundational Practices to Nourish Every Aspect of Your Life

Change the way you think and feel about your body, your life, and your infinite power and wisdom!

Fall 2019: Oct. 7-Nov. 14

Enough Already (e-nuff al-re-dee)

  1. exclamation, often out of frustration, when one realizes it’s time to change the thing that’s holding them back: Obsessing about food? Enough already!
  2. affirmation or acknowledgment of acceptance, understanding, and love: I am enough, already.

 Imagine 5 entire weeks, living with the intention to change the way you think and feel about your body, your life, and your infinite power and wisdom!

Each Monday during the program, you’ll receive a lesson via email. These lessons will be the heart of the program and may include reading, activities, journal prompts, weekly explorations, etc.  In addition the the weekly email lessons, there will be 3 Facebook Live meetings throughout the program to offer live group support.  

A private Facebook group will be available so we can stay in touch and support each other between live meetings. This will be a great place to ask questions and get support on your weekly lessons.

For one-on-one support private sessions are available at a discounted rate both during the program and for 8 weeks after.

By participating, my hope for you is that you’ll try some new things, meet some awesome people, treat yourself a little sweeter, and have a more loving relationship with your body.

Testimonial from Melissa G:

 “Enough Already gave me clarity and awareness. I loved receiving the emails each week and looked forward to learning from them. It was hard at times to “do the work,” but the reward comes from doing the hard work! I would totally encourage others to participate in this program.”

Not sure if the program is right for you? Schedule a complimentary, no-strings-attached phone call with me.

Some potential program results:

  • Stress reduction
  • Higher confidence
  • Increased body trust
  • Improved body image
  • Increased understanding of your body
  • Increased compassion for yourself and others

What this program isn’t:

  • This isn’t a weight loss challenge.
  • This isn’t a yoga or fitness challenge.
  • This isn’t a diet plan.
  • This isn’t a program to make you do anything in particular.


5 Weekly Email Lessons (Mondays)

  • Week 1: You’re Already Enough: Welcome, Forgiveness
  • Week 2: You Have What You Need, Part 1: Your Breath
  • Week 3: You Have What You Need, Part 2: Your Emotional Navigation System
  • Week 4: New Practices: Ancient Tools for Modern Challenges: The Yamas and Niyamas
  • Week 5: Eating with Love: Food Meditation and Creating a Sacred Kitchen
  • Bonus Week 6: Reflecting and Celebrating

3 Facebook Live Meetings (Thursdays)

  • Meeting 1: Welcome, More on Forgiveness
  • Meeting 2: Checking in, Yoga Practice
  • Meeting 3: Sharing Findings and Discoveries, Celebration Day

Bonus Materials

  • Gentle Meal Planning Pages
  • Making Friends with Food Journal Pages
  • New Habit Tracker
  • Recommended Reading List

Testimonial from Stacey B:

 “Enough Already provided a liberating awareness for me! It’s like receiving permission to “do me!” It’s a program that helped me build awareness about why I think and  react the way I do while providing useful new tools and practices.. I’m surprised to say that the journaling was my favorite part. The program far exceeded my expectations.”

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