Do you want to rethink the skewed and erroneous beliefs that diet culture needs you to accept to stay profitable?

In a world where the diet industry is a $60-billion-a-year business and where women are expected to engage in a constant weight-loss project, it’s time to change how we think and feel about our bodies. How many years have you spent being unhappy with your body?

The 5 Big Truths outlined in this tiny book are a simple nudge toward changing your thinking. It’s a CliffsNotes version of the teachings I use to support my clients as they alter their story. I offer these pages to you as the best of my experience, knowledge, and understandings which have grown out of my own process of recovering my power, trusting my body, and accepting my body as a divine being rather than a cumbersome “fixer upper” project. I believe you really can get WAY more out of life.