Vedic Thai Yoga

Entirely Passive Assisted Stretching for Everyone

Do you want MORE peace and mental calm and LESS stress and pain?

MORE body awareness, and MORE confidence?

Adding Thai Yoga (assisted stretching) to your self-value routine supports you in all aspects of physical and mental health.

Not sure if it’s right for you? Let’s talk about it.

Vedic Thai Yoga

90 Minutes | $119
60 Minutes | $85
30 Minutes | $39

Vedic Thai Yoga (Assisted Stretching) can feel like yoga and massage at the same time. You get to lie there like a sack of potatoes while I move you through a series of stretches. 

This is a full-body treatment. For your session, you’ll wear comfortable clothing that does not restrict your movement, like you’d wear to work out in. You will be clothed throughout your session except for shoes and socks.

Clients report their muscles feeling stretched, their joints decompressed, and their minds clear and quiet.

Ayurvedic Facelift

45-minutes | $65

The Ayurvedic Facelift focuses on the head, face, and neck.
This refreshing treatment promotes harmony and balance between mind, body, and spirit using healing touch techniques based on Ayurvedic medicine and Thai acupressure. Treatment can be further customized to support sinus issues, facial paralysis, and other specific conditions. Add 15 minutes of work exclusively on the hands for an additional $15.

Thai Foot Reflexology

45-minutes | $65

How do your feet feel? Your feet are your connection to the earth and they carry us through our journey. Take care of them, and yourself, with a treatment that focuses on the feet, lower legs, and knees!

Thai Foot Reflexology, based in Thai medicine, is a little gentler than the Chinese reflexology and includes sen line work and acupressure points. (Sen lines are similar to the Chinese meridians.) I use coconut or olive oil to help my hands glide over the skin, as the techniques include two-handed palm movements, stretches, and circular movements in addition to thumb pressure. Thai footwork can also include some beautiful techniques that use a Thai foot stick. Clients report feeling balanced and relaxed.  Add 15 minutes of work exclusively on the hands for an additional $15. 

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