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I work with clients one-on-one, both in person and remotely, and I teach small group classes.

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60-MINUTES | $100 | Package prices also available

Yoga Therapy provides tools far beyond traditional asana (the poses) that support living comfortably in your body just as it is now, approaching your feelings in a conscious way, and identifying un-useful thought patterns. The practices of yoga can help you connect to your body’s innate wisdom throughout all five koshas or layers of being.

Your body contains divine wisdom, and when you allow your body to guide you, you always end up in the right place.

The work of Yoga Therapy requires teamwork between the two of us, and a big commitment form each of us. My commitment is to holding a safe space for you to learn about yourself, hearing and witnessing your challenges, and offering guidance and practices to support you through the process.

It’s your job to commit to the process of looking inward, which will require you to question your old patterns, feelings, and beliefs.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Yoga Therapy is the practice of using the ancient tools and teachings of the yogic tradition (movement, breath, meditation) to help us understand how our nervous systems responds to the stresses in our lives and how our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs contribute to our symptoms. Through Yoga Therapy, you can explore what takes you out of your contentment and ease and what is needed to bring you back into balance. It’s an effective complementary therapy that can provide support for any other therapies you’re receiving.

People work with a Yoga Therapist when they’re seeking relief from certain conditions, like back pain, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, PTSD, trauma or addiction recovery, or when they’re navigating a life challenge or transition, like career change, relationship issues, etc.

A Yoga Therapy session is one-on-one work, and is very personalized. It incorporates both a physical and cognitive approach. Unlike a group yoga class that often consists of prepared sequences, Yoga Therapy is about your immediate needs. I’ll encourage you to pay attention to the physical and emotional sensations that emerge as a result of your practice. You’ll be able to clarify your thoughts, feelings, and emotions, which ultimately help you identify and explore desired changes and solutions.

No, it’s not like working with a personal trainer. During your sessions, I’ll determine the most appropriate tools to support your needs and desired outcomes. I’ll encourage you to talk about your experience and to connect with the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that arise. I may offer simple movements and meditations, journal prompts, and other practices to help you stay on track between our sessions. This keeps the momentum flowing and helps empower you to discover on your own.

Yoga Therapists have extensive additional training in anatomy, psychology, yoga philosophy, and other therapeutic skills and tools. We most often work with people who are seeking relief from a certain condition, rather than people who are interested in participating in group yoga. Ultimately, I believe that any yoga you choose can be beneficial, but Yoga therapy provides a way to address particular challenges on a one-on-one basis in all layers of well being.

That’s OK. The practice of yoga meets you where you are today, so no previous experience is required.

Wear something comfortable you can move in. No need to buy anything special. Most people already have exactly what they need.

"After we talk, I feel like I know the next step to take in this process.  Your insights always clarify things for me and give a boost to my confidence— a calm confidence.  Thank you so very much."
Karen J.

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